Workflow Three steps!

The workflow assumes you have an active Budget, if you need help creating your first Budget, check out our Getting Started page.

Step 1 - Balances

To be able to generate our projections Budget Pro needs to know the current balance for each of the accounts you are tracking.

  • To update one or more balances, use the "set balance" button on the Budget overview
  • To update a single balance, use the edit button next to the account name in the projections
Set the current balance for each account

Step 2 - Mark as paid

For the current month, we need to know which of your expenses are paid, these are the expenses which occurred before today.

  • You can mark one or more expenses as paid from the Budget overview
  • You can toggle the paid status of a single Budget item on its page
  • Budget Pro logs the history. You can see when and who marked an expense as paid as well as any other changes.
Mark multiple budget items as paid

Step 3 - Projections

Once we know your account balances and which expenses have been paid already we can generate your projections. We generate projections for each account you track and you can travel as far into the future as you would like.

  • Our projections are immediate, they are generated live
  • You can set a forecast and see the date that you should achieve it
Budget Pro projections for expense account