Working towards the official release Our Roadmap

We are in the process of making the final tweaks to Budget Pro and the official release is almost upon us! Exciting times!

This doesn't mean development is over. Our Roadmap below details all the features we are working on and plan to add following the official release.

Roadmap updated 21st November 2023

The alpha

During the alpha we developed the core features of Budget Pro and started working on some of the features that differentiate Budget Pro from Budget. Listed below are the features we added during the alpha, the alpha period ran from the 1st June 2023 to the 21st July 2023

  • Done Development progress page, so you can track what we are doing
  • Done Add controls to the Budget item list
  • Done Add ability to fetch the next instance of a budget item
  • Done Initial work on support section
  • Done Initial work on budget selection
  • Done Rename a Budget and change description
  • Done Add the ability to reset your account
  • Done Add the ability to delete Budget Pro account
  • Done Add the ability to delete Costs to Expect account
  • Done Add a requests section showing all API requests
  • Done Import Budget into Budget Pro from Budget
  • Done Create a Budget from a list of budget items
  • Done ...and many more features

The beta

During the beta we continued to add the features which differentiate Budget Pro from Budget.

  • Done Improve initial UX
  • Done Add support for marking multiple budget items as paid
  • Done Progress bar (expense value) settings
  • Done Copy a budget item
  • Done Restore a budget item
  • Done Implement expired and deleted statuses
  • Done Add a target for savings accounts
  • Done Calculate savings target date based on current savings rate
  • Done Adjust the design for the savings account projections
  • Done Fully populate the budget item history list
  • Done Show upcoming instances of budget items on the detail page
  • Done Support multiple Budgets
  • Done Create a Budget from a Q and A wizard
  • Done Add support for four weekly budget items on a Monthly Budget
  • Done Delete a Budget

The public beta

During the public beta we are adding the quarterly view and will respond to public feedback.

  • Done BUG: Account nickname not consistent on all "account" form
  • Done BUG: Minor fixes for Q and A process
  • Done TWEAK: Budget item type defaults to expense, not income
  • Done TWEAK: Show occurrence date/day on Budget overview
  • Done TWEAK: Show original value on Budget overview
  • Done FEATURE: Added support for account transfers
  • In Progress Minor tweaks and bug fixes
  • Add a quarterly view of the Budget overview
  • User feedback
  • ...any other issues

The official release

As soon as we consider it ready we will officially release Budget Pro. This doesn't mean we are done, there are several features which we plan to implement post release, details of some are listed below. Budget Pro will continue to get new features and updates, these are just to give you an idea about what we have planned.

Our post-release plan is not fixed, we will continually review user feedback and adjust our plan as necessary. There are several big ticket tasks, like Open Banking that aren't listed. We will respond to feedback and features requested by the community will take precedence over our own plans.

Post release - Update 1

In Update 1 we plan to add support for background tasks, a prerequisite for sharing and additional budget item management tools.

  • Add support for budget item increases, for example, increase a budget item by 5% every 12 months
  • Add support for savings growth.
  • Implement a system to support background tasks and Budget/feature locking, prerequisite to sharing.
  • Add a live play mode so you can tweak you Budget and see the effects live.
  • Add support for daily budget items on a Monthly Budget
  • Add support for weekly and bi-weekly budget items on a Monthly Budget
  • Additional options management.
  • ...and other features

Post release - Update 2

In Update 2 we plan to focus on collaboration and additional import and export options.

  • Collaboration tools (Budget sharing).
  • Additional import and export options.
  • Add support for budget item ranges, rather than a fixed amount a cost could be £150-200.
  • Add support for additional budget item adjustments.
  • ...and other features

Post release - Update 3

In Update 3 we plan to focus on adding support for weekly Budgets.

  • Add support for weekly Budgets.
  • Add a 12-month view for monthly Budgets.
  • Add support for inter account transfers.
  • Add additional expense categories, for example "Business expenses".
  • ...and other features