There are options Getting Started

There are multiple ways to get started with Budget Pro and we will continue to add new options over time. If you have a working Budget, please check out the Workflow page to see how Budget Pro works day to day.

Multiple options

We have a guided Q & A to step you through creating a Budget, manual mode for the people who want full control and options for all the people in the middle.

  • Use our Q & A tool and we will create a Budget for you based upon your answers
  • If you have a Budget in our free budgeting App, you can import it into Budget Pro
  • We can create a Budget from a list of expenses
  • There is a full manual mode for people who want control over everything
Options for getting started with Budget Pro


You can import your existing Budget into Budget Pro.

  • If you have a Budget in our free budgeting App, you can import it in and we will do the rest
  • Overtime we will add additional import tools
Import your Budget

Generate from list

If you want to get started quickly, you can generate a Budget from a list of expenses.

  • You can take your time with the list, we will save your data so you can come back later
  • When you create a Budget from a list you are initially unable to add savings
  • Once your Budget has been created, you have full control
Snippet of the Budget item list


If you want to control everything, opt for manual mode.

  • You need to create an account to get started
  • As soon as you have one account you can create any of the expense types
  • Manual mode allows you to set frequencies and exclusions immediately
Budget Pro projections for expense account